Privacy Policy

Web Privacy Policy

Somatic Integrity is committed to protecting the privacy of the users of (the “Site”). The following outlines our privacy and data protection policy:

Your Personal Information

The only information that we will obtain about you is the information that you explicitly and voluntarily supply when you request a news letter We will not give, sell or transfer any personal information to a third party, unless we are required to do so by applicable law or a court (see “Exceptions to Assurance of Confidentiality”).

Exceptions to Assurance of Confidentiality

There are three exceptions to our assurances of confidentiality:

Most United States courts have the power to subpoena our records and a therapist’s records if you are involved in a court case in which your relationship with us or the therapist is somehow relevant. Although this may be rare, if you have any questions, it is better to contact your lawyer prior to disclosing any information you may deem private.

If someone’s life is in danger, we will attempt to report it. This applies to potential cases of suicide or homicide.

Private Practice Policy

The work in Somatic Psychotherapy is confidential and will not be disclosed except:

1. To report suspected abuse of a child, of a developmentally disabled adult, or a dependent adult.

2. To interrupt potentially suicidal behavior

3. To intervene against threatened harm to another (which may include knowledge that a client is HIV positive but is not willing to inform others with whom he/she is intimately involved

4. When required by court order or other compulsory process.

Information may also be disclosed if you sign a written authorization permitting disclosure, or in the event you make a complaint against me. Payment by check permits bank employees to view the names of my clients, and if you have caller identification on your phone, my name may appear on your monitor.