Soma is a Greek word that means ‘the living body.’ Somatic psychotherapy is based on robust research, proven interventions, and a highly trained approach that treats the human psyche and soma as a sole holistic entity, the body-mind entity. Somatic Integrity Psychotherapy works with your thoughts, emotions, and bodily experiences as inter-functioning aspects of your whole being.

Somatic Psychotherapy

This psychotherapy provides you with a secure, non-judgmental space and therapeutic relationship by which you will be able to explore problems of living and our human need for growth, maturation, and manifestation. These may come up as difficulties in work, in relationships, in marriage, in parenting, in finding purpose in day-to-day life, and as difficulty in feeling comfortable and at home in your body.

With the safe therapeutic relationship you will be able to discover and determine your earlier patterns of feeling, behaving, and thinking. This will enable you to find new meanings and exploit new actions in the world and grow to inhabit the space of your embodied experience.
This unique psychotherapy provides reflective present time situations of empathy, recognition, and mindfulness so that you may grow and develop in new ways, thus supporting well-being and integrity.

A Unified Self

This therapy may help you to soothe your anger and pain, enjoy your accomplishments, disclose shame, make space for grief to move, and assist in developing tolerance for ever changing states of being and flexibility to respond in many ways. Tolerating opening ourselves is a learning process that requires deep physiological self-regulation. Utilizing the cues of your embodied experience, your intuition, and your sense of self, Somatic Integrity supports your natural innate intelligence to have the flexibility and strength to respond rather than react in a range of dynamic situations and relationships.

With this therapy you will be able to develop and reclaim:

  • Your body sensing
  • Manage stress
  • Balance the nervous system
  • Mobilize posture
  • Develop deep Somatic Integration
  • Left-Right Brain unity
  • Creativity

Somatic psychotherapy works with the natural course towards growth and development for a more satisfying experience with yourself and in your relationships, and to also metabolize past experiences and open to new possibilities. During this therapy, I work verbally with clients and am trained to engage directly with client’s dynamic bodily experience. These experiences include breathing patterns, sensation, posture, and movement. To read more about the Breathwork I offer click HERE. I also work with body image, symbols, or even through touch when it is necessary.

I work with different life challenges or issues such as:

  • Abuse
  • Trauma
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • A.D.D & A.D.H.D
  • Sexual issues
  • Psychosomatic issues
  • Sleep issues
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Life transitions
  • Personal and spiritual growth


I provide you with many services that include in-person counseling, family and couples counseling, child and teen counseling, community services consultation, support groups, and counseling sessions in schools. I may use body-oriented and/or movement-oriented approach so as to create a therapeutic environment that attends to the whole being. Body-oriented psychotherapy is used to make possible exploration and expression, to build up self awareness, self regulation and a feeling of strength and aliveness. This approach helps you deepen your sense of connection to others, yourself and to the world, while feeling strong, grounded, and authentic.

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