Aliveness is seen throughout our somatic experience. This can be seen in animated and expressive conversation or the overwhelming anxiety that occurs in anticipation. Our body-mind is an unbreakable loop. Somatics is the study of this unbreakable loop and somatic psychology is the clinical and facilitatory application of this study, the creative engagement of this loop to fulfill a variety of intentions. Intentions like learning, growing, creating a more whole and centered self, tapping into creativity, writing literature from an embodied place, and the list goes on. Learning about this field is a beautiful and transformative process because it engages our whole self. Somatic learning is both cognitive and experiential. For instance I teach about our autonomic nervous system. This is the primary regulator of energy throughout our physical system and is very ancient. To study the system is but a map, but to travel this system is an awakening. I play the sounds of a baby crying to illuminate the profound activation of the autonomic nervous system. This unforgettable feeling is now mapped and becomes a conscious bodily system. This process of mapping and identifying bodily systems that are affected daily by the major and minor stresses of the day, is a profoundly empowering and grounding kind of experiential education.

I have created a unique and powerful Somatic Education curriculum. Here are ways you can tap into this curriculum.

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  • Invite me to speak at your community, school, business, or agency