I have spent the last twenty years researching consciousness and embodiment. My seeking led me to an emerging and relatively new field of psychology called Somatic Psychology. Somatic psychology is contained with in the larger area of study simply called Somatics. Somatics is the study of the mind body as it forms and interacts within specific environments. It basically refers to our “felt sense,” the feeling of being, for a more specific definition, go to this article. Somatic psychology is an emergent clinical and academic field that acts like train station or a hub to hold the many themes, science, research, and literature of the mind body conversation. The mind body contains a vast and untapped resource of energy to guide us toward healing, wellness, and creativity. There is currently an immense amount of research (see my blog) revealing the profound nature of how the mind and body coordinate. This is in great contrast to the trend of the last century to place the cause and locus of control in the brain. We are a “Top Heavy” culture, we use and rely on thinking and the brain to solve all of our conflicts, problems, and measure all intelligence based on this capacity. Intelligence cannot be measured by brain capacity alone. Somatics is telling a new story; we are more than a brain, we are more than a body, we are an interdependent, elegant, relational and social being who is shaped by environment, history, interaction, genetics, and experience. Somatic Psychology is highly effective at mapping this complex experience and facilitating change at all levels of our life. These levels are at the individual, the intimate relationship, the cultural/social, and the global.

I offer four distinct services each rooted in Somatic Psychology, each with the intent to support transformation at these levels.

  • Psychotherapy
  • Education
  • Consulting/Coaching
  • Leadership

I welcome you to explore this website and find a way to integrate your mind and body, to live deeply into your lived experience, and reclaim the narrative of your own body mind.

~ Scot Nichols M.A.

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